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Social Share

Social media just got easier. Stand out from the noise with Social Share, a one-stop-shop for real estate graphics and captions your followers will love.

House Talks Newsletters

Create a mailer for your leads in minutes. This two-sided newsletter has anchor content and can be personalized with local news or your upcoming listings.

A-Frame Signs

Showcase your next open house with A-Frame Signs placed all around the neighborhood. These customizable outdoor signs are a must for any real estate agent.

"Success breeds success. I’ve just closed a double-sided deal that I’m certain came from my Corefact Elite campaign (because she said “You’ve been sending cards to me every month” when she called!).

And I’ve got another double-sided deal coming up as well that I’m sure came from the Corefact mailers too."

- Cathy Maslowski-Yerges HomeSmart Realty Group in Colorado

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