Increase Your Deal Count - Learn 3 Consistent Farming Techniques!

Now more than ever, you need to get in front of people who might want to sell. How can you get sellers to think of you at that moment? How can you capture curious sellers? How can you get more listing appointments?

Join Jim Hammarstrom, VP of Sales, for a live webinar showing you how to dominate your farm in a personalized way while generating leads and building your brand.

Tuesday, August 16

10 AM and 1 PM PT  |  1 Hour

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"Success breeds success. I’ve just closed a double-sided deal that I’m certain came from my Corefact Elite campaign (because she said “You’ve been sending cards to me every month” when she called!).

And I’ve got another double-sided deal coming up as well that I’m sure came from the Corefact mailers too. "

- Cathy Maslowski-Yerges with HomeSmart Realty Group in Colorado

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