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Home Estimate Lead Generating QR Code

Home Estimate Postcards

Get potential sellers using this QR Code

Your past clients and prospects can see their home’s estimated value on the Home Estimate landing page. It’s unique for each homeowner, and so is the QR code! Select a QR code back for your Just Sold postcards to provide potential sellers with their own home estimated value when they are most curious. And use one on every farming postcard as a way to measure the success of your mailing.

How does the Home Estimate QR code work?

The recipient snaps the code with their phone’s camera and is taken to your mobile-friendly Home Estimate landing page. You’ll receive an email notification when any Home Estimate codes are snapped, along with the detailed information of the person who snapped it!

Website QR Code To Any URL

Just Listed QR Code Postcards

Show off a listing or get creative!

Promote your personal website, a single property website, a featured listings page, or any other web page that suits your strategy with a QR code.

How does the website QR code work?

You’ll have multiple choices of front and back templates in the Corefact store, which offer a QR code. Simply choose from one of those designs (either front or back). Once in the online editor, click the box where the QR code resides and type in the URL. It’s built automatically.

Vcard QR Code for Sharing Contact Details

Agent Announcement Postcards

A Vcard is a virtual business card.

You can now share all of your contact information in a small QR code, perfect for a farm or radius marketing mailing.

How does the Vcard QR code work?

It’s easy. Choose a Vcard template, and a QR code is automatically built for you based on the information in your account. Once scanned, a message pops up and asks the recipient to save the information to their contacts.

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