The Scoop - June 2022

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Your Marketing Team

Human Resources


from Bryan Walker

Help us welcome our newest team members, who joined us between February 14 and April 18!

Bryan Fernandez

Wide Format Print Specialist


Karen Loo

Special Projects Manager


Jocelyn Cebrero

Customer Service Associate

Customer Service

Mathew Anthony Monzon

Customer Service Associate

Customer Service

Tanya Spitzer

Account Manager

Business Development

Ernest Villarente

Customer Service Associate

Customer Service

Monica Arreola

Sr. Graphic Design Manager


Kayla Pettigrew

Marketing/Social Media Specialist


Wil Stewart

Video Producer


Customer Experience has only two more openings, so please apply today if you have a passion for working with our customers and are looking to grow your take-home pay.

Check out our careers page! Know anybody who would be a good fit?

Chris’ Corner

Our economy is clearly moving towards a deep recession. Interest rates continue to rise, causing clouds to form over the real estate market and beyond. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? It is! This is a time when we can bring real value to our clients. Our clients are looking to us to provide relevant marketing content to help them navigate the rapid changes impacting their businesses and their client’s uncertainty.

We face additional challenges too. What you’re feeling at the gas pump, we’re feeling across the entire supply chain of goods we use to manufacture our products. To protect our employees, customers, and company, we have taken several actions. In particular, for many months now, we have been building our inventories of key components like paper, and currently, we have a multi-month reserve of our most common stocks. We will also be looking to acquire additional equipment to help our team process the work we have more efficiently.

It will be more critical than ever for us to communicate effectively and adapt quickly to change throughout the expected changes. We’re committed to doing so, and I encourage you to share your ideas on how we can incrementally improve everything we do every day. We can make a difference and weather the storm over the next couple of years. Ship it!

Company Bowling Nights

Looks like our Corefact team members had a great time in Hayward and Louisville for our recent company parties! Big thanks to everyone who came out.



Update from Bryan Burnley, VP of Engineering

Sharing an Order ID - It's so easy!

We have a menu item that lets you copy a link to an order directly from our order manager, so it is easy to paste. e.g.,

Social Share Update


Number of current Active subscribers.


Number of designs our team has

created for Social Share.

Here is a fun summer graphic you are welcome to share with your friends and family - our new Blood Orange Refresher recipe.

Right click on the graphic and save.

Design Team Update from Lisa Harris, Online Content Manager

The Corefact store design team has created 65 new product designs since February 2, 2022!

Here's a peak at what's new:

Seasonal Postcards

Agent Announcement Postcards

Hot Market Postcards

Bright Side Postcards

Bright Side 2 Postcards

Home Estimate Postcards

Just Listed / Sold Postcards

Note Cards

Business Cards

Tri-Fold Newslettes

Top Selling Products

Our 3 top-selling non-custom products for March 1 to May 26, 2022, are:

1. Elite Month 1

2. Just Sold - Modern 3 Photos

3. Bright Side - Hot Market - Fantastic Time To Sell

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