The Scoop - June 2022

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Your Marketing Team

Human Resources


from Bryan Walker

Help us welcome our newest team members, who joined us between May 2 and July 26.

Dallas Dye

Production Associate - Overnight

Yuri Kvashin

Production Associate

Daniel Quiocho

Customer Experience Representative

Tanya Spitzer

Partner Account Manager

Christopher Marion-Bell

Production Associate

Anna Campbell

Integrated Marketing Communications Manager

Jing Villamater

Production Associate

Sandy Phillips

Production Associate

Xavier Rankin

Production Associate

Carrie Lyons

Partner Account Manager

William Oden

Production Associate

Devin Chhum

Production Associate

Kiara Vargas

Production Associate

Claudia Guzman


Luis Ulloa Martinez

Production Supervisor (Overnight Shift)

Rosanna Lin

Digital Marketing Manager

Joseph Smith

Delivery Driver

Check out our careers page! Know anybody who would be a good fit?

Chris’ Corner

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”

― Heraclitus

The winds of change blow swiftly across the economy, real estate, and Corefact. Our metaphoric sails of content, pricing, and strategy tack and jibe with every shift of the market. We continue to adjust our course to protect business and remain profitable through this uncharted path.

To get to where we’re going, we need a bigger boat. We’re in escrow on a larger facility in San Leandro only 7 minutes North of Hayward. If our journey goes as expected, we should acquire the facility in September with a planned move in early Q1 2023 following an expected large increase of PSP business in Q4.

Waters are murky. It is imperative that we have more conversations with our customers and partners to understand their needs, adapt, deliver value and grow those relationships. It’s time to change. If you communicate with customers, reach out and communicate more. Conversations will be the key navigational tool now and beyond.

Ship it!

Social Share Update


Number of current Active subscribers.


Number of designs our team has

created for Social Share.


Social Share got a big update this summer! Agents are now able to connect Facebook & Instagram business pages and Twitter accounts and share content directly.

We also launched our much anticipated


Agents now have the ability to add content to a calendar to publish for them at a later dates.

Check out our Social Share FAQ to learn more.

Social Share - This or That Fall Edition

Here is a fun fall graphic you are welcome to share with your friends and family.

This or That - Fall Edition

(Right click on the graphic and save.)

Social Share - This or That Fall Edition

USPS Informed Delivery Service

USPS Informed Delivery® is a free service informing you about what will be arriving in our mailbox.

For every direct mail purchase using first-class or standard-class mail, USPS will now capture the color image of the piece plus a “ride along” image and share it at the top of the recipient’s email before it arrives in their mailbox. A digital impression and a physical impression increase the rate of retention and double branding efforts for our customers.

Read more HERE and you too can sign up to receive USPS Informed Delivery!

Design Team Update - Lisa Harris

The Design Team created 49 new designs in Q3!

Here's a sample of a few of them:

Market Shift Postcards

Market Shift


Market Shift Door Hangers

Market Shift

Door Hangers

Recipe Postcards

New Recipes

Summer & Fall

EDDM Build Your Brand Postcards

EDDM® - Build Your Brand Postcards

Every Door Direct Mail - Cost-effective Direct Mail

Football Schedules - Postcards & Magnets

Football Schedules

Postcards & Magnetes

Top 3 Selling Products



Just Listed Postcard

Chalkboard Collection

Five Photos


Just Sold Postcard

Chalkboard Collection

Two Photos


Just Sold Postcard

Modern Collection

Three Photos

Corefact Training & Presentation Materials

"Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people."

- Nicholas Sparks