The Scoop - December 2022

Welcome to December! =)

We have a few new team members to welcome and are excited to share our top-selling products and the latest additions to our Corefact store.

Thank you for being part of our Corefact team!

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Your Marketing Team

Louisville Team

Our Louisville Team!

Human Resources


from Bryan Walker

Help us welcome our newest team members, who joined us between August and October.

Welcome to the Team!

Ahmadulla Sarfaraz

Production Associate


Dillon Boomer

Production Lead


Raven Reed

Production Associate


Imran Baig

Business Systems Analyst


Paula Rhodes Wallace

CX Representative


Rosenda Igcasenza

CX Representative


Tanasha Wallace

Production Specialist


Rose Cathlene Ruiz

Financial Admin/Intern


Crystal Tenorio

CX Representative


Check out our careers page! Know anybody who would be a good fit?

Chris’ Corner

Winter is coming!

A storm is blowing through the real estate sector. Affordability is at a low with high home prices and higher mortgage rates. The 30-year fixed rate is currently at 6.67%, up from around 3% a year ago. With affordability lowering, we are seeing fewer listings close. Our transactional sales (primarily just listed and just sold postcards) are down following the market. I expect that the market will be in a lull throughout much of next year until either buyer/seller sentiment changes or affordability changes with either the easing of real estate prices or lowering interest rates. Given the Fed guidance, it is unlikely we’ll see big changes.

As a company, we are poised to weather the winter. We have stored up our wood (i.e., paper inventory) and are incrementally working to capture more business outside the real estate market. While I don’t expect we’ll see a lot of growth in 2023, we’re working to maintain the level of business we have today.

We are starting to look forward to Spring. Our new facility in San Leandro is moving along. We have removed the office areas in the warehouse portion and are now focused on the sprinklers, electrical, and air. With the fresh spring air, we’ll start our move, and if all goes well by mid-year, we will be fully operating out of the new building in CA.

Our team is working diligently to close out this year. We’ll have a record Q4 PSP season this year, shipping and mailing out millions of greeting cards. Each of those cards will bring a smile of joy to its recipient as they welcome Christmas and the New Year. Bundle up for the winter, spend time with your families and friends and recognize how truly blessed we all are.

Merry Christmas!

Social Share Update

This quarter we launched CAMPAIGNS with a 2022 Holiday collection and a 2023 12-Month Home Maintenance Checklist collection plus many more to come!

Social Share Camaign

We also launched a new CALENDAR VIEW for scheduled content with shortcuts to suggested holidays. This new tool will help our clients visualize their month and schedule more content!



Social Share - May Your Days be Merry & Bright

Here is a festive holiday graphic you are welcome to share with your friends and family.

(Right click on the graphic and save.)

Design Team Update - Lisa Harris

The Design Team created 101 new designs in Q4!

Here's a sample of a few of them:

Holiday Photo Cards

Holiday Photo Cards

& Note Cards

2023 Calendars

2023 Calendars

Postcards & Magnets

Seasonal Postcards

Numerous Seasonal

Fall Postcards

Proof of Production Postcards

Proof of Production


Agent Announcement Postcards

Agent Announcement

Thanksgiving Postcard

Top 3 Unique Products Sold


Just Listed Chalkboard


285 Orders

Just Listed Postcard

Chalkboard Collection - Two Photo

Just Sold Chalkboard


244 Orders

Just Sold Postcard

Chalkboard Collection - Two Photos

Market Shift Postcard


164 Orders

Market Shift Postcard

Bright Side - Insightful Giraffe

Corefact Training & Presentation Materials

From all of us at Corefact, we wish you a very warm,

happy, and bright holiday ahead!

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"Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people."

- Nicholas Sparks